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Out-think overthinking

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Get rid of the burden and the weight. Turn the tides against overthinking with the 60 minute course. This has more to offer you than you can imagine. Curated by psychologists to cure this absurd way of the mind, this course offers you ways to build your stability, exercises to get yourself in an improved state, and clear your mind with a special part from the 5th episode of this course- "Guided imagery" What you will: -Learn how to keep your mind calm and focused in this world full of distraction. -Build your personal toolkit to tackle the ultimate result of overthinking-Stress -Learn how simple different breathing patterns can alter your reality and perspective about everything around you. -Get a clip on "Guided imagery" to be listened to for daily mindfulness. -Join a community of people who already have joined the course, so you can talk and discuss with them the actual results. -Learn why 90% of the overthinking (and stress) that we experience on a daily basis is completely imaginary and how to remove the one obstacle that limits you: your compulsively overthinking mind.

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