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Today can mean a stress free day.

Join us and start living stress free already

Buy the course exclusively for just 149/-

Actual price 999/-

What you'll learn:

  • Learn how to use stress to your advantage.

  • Manage stress on a daily monotone basis.

  • Why stress is stopping you from getting what you desire and deserve.

  • Learn why stress does not exist in the first place for you to stress yourself about it.

  • Learn how changes in physiology can radically transform your psychology with Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), the correct breathing pattern and guided imagery.

  • Develop your personal toolkit to manage stress and use it to your advantage.

Meet your psychologists:

Stuti Kumar 
Consultant Psychologist 
BA Psychology
MA Clinical Psychology 
Diploma Counselling Psychology ( ICPEM) 
Founder and Managing Director of Emotional Well-Being Mental Health Services.
Member of British Council for Complementary Therapies ( BCCT) 
Member of International Association of Applied Psychology ( IAAP) 
Advisory Board Member of Emotional Health Industry Association ( EHIA) California.

Munazza Gudakuwala 

Degrees – BA (Psy), MA (Cli. Psy)
Services and specialities and skills

 Counselling (Educational counselling, burnout counselling,  counselling for daily hassles and stressors in lifestyle, counselling for self-esteem issues), Trained in workshops like – Menstrual Hygiene, Good touch – Bad touch, Career Guidance (for 10th/ 12th Grades), Stress Management

Check out what everyone has to say about this course:

Shambhavi Lalsinge:

YouTheFuture have come up with an amazing series on stress management with some amazing speakers, I’m not even kidding, this was so relaxing and helpful, it felt so good and the positivity I gained was next level. Well done guys and all the best for your future endeavours.

Elaborative sessions and easy, useful and effective stress management techniques.

Gayatri Bahirat:

Elaborative sessions and easy, useful and effective stress management techniques.

Yash Japtap:

Personally recommended. The psychologists hit your core and explain it all to the depth. Join the course and build your stress management toolkit now!

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