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Taking A Breath and YouTheFuture community meeting

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Ghinwa Halimeh

Leadership Community Facilitator, Switzerland

Ghinwa Halimeh was born and raised in Lebanon, and she moved to Switzerland at 18 years old to study forensic science. After many ups and downs the first couple of months, she intentionally focused on her personal development in multiple online communities over the past year and has built a strong network of accountability for herself to excel in her school and work.

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Atharva Lokhande

Stock Market Trader, India

Atharva is an enthusiastic Stock Market Investor who started at a very tender age of 17. Talking from experience of making (and losing) loads of money that the average teenager doesn't even see in his teenage, he specialises in money making, confidence, and being focused on YOUR ONE THING.

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Founder of Voizer, India

Shaumi is the founder and head of Voizer, one of India's biggest young adults' music community. She loves to talk about how she was consistent at being inconsistent and how following her passion for listening to music helped her in founding Voizer. She speciailizes in working on herself and other people.

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Yimin Dong

Productivity expert, USA.

After building a real estate business as an intern while attending the University of Toronto, Yimin discovered the common things that separate highly efficient and effective people from those who struggle to get work done. From eliminating procrastination to saving 20+ hours a week, Yimin's goal is to help students in University finish a week of work in 2-3 days so they can live a live of more freedom, less stress, and more time to do the things they enjoy. He goes under the nickname, "NateTimely" on Instagram, sharing tips and tricks to help you make this happen. 

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